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So, when it comes to meeting your counseling needs you can search the four corners of the Central Florida area but you are almost certain to end up choosing services in the corner of choice, The Counseling Corner. Counseling can help teach new skills, adjust old ones, and save an amazing amount of time and effort that could easily have been wasted trying the same old methods, using outdated tools and expecting to somehow get great results.

Counseling Services and Referrals - Focus on the Family

It makes a lot more sense to find a really good therapist, who specializes in working with the problem area, and then use their skills and expertise to assist you with getting the job done right! We offer Counseling for adults, Young Adults, teenagers, and children. All of these groups are typically very different and have very different needs. Click the link below to find out more details about our specializations. Contact us for more information, or to schedule an appointment today!

That is doing a great disservice to your spirit and who you are. Don't learn to manage symptoms when you can get rid of them for good. Who wants to cope with depression and anxiety when it can be dissolved? This band-aid therapy approach most counselors use is what I refer to as "Sleep State Therapy".

Telling a client to count to 10 when angry or to "agree to disagree" with your partner does nothing at all. You want to dissolve depression, anxiety, codependency, addiction, anger, fear, etc. We will get to the root of the problem. You will gain the awareness you need to see your blind spots. There will no longer be a use for the behavior to continue. If you are wondering if you should obtain individual counseling services Orlando it is likely you are at the end of your rope and need assistance. Many individuals seek therapy to learn how to cope with a multitude of problems in their lives.

Individual counseling is a collaborative process between the therapist and client. As your team of mental health therapists, We will act as a facilitator to help you understand the root cause of the problems you are struggling with. You will see irrational thought patterns and regain control of your life. Through the process, you will gain a new set of skills and tools that will help you move forward in life equipped to regain control and find true happiness and balance. Divorce Counseling seeks to help aid in bridging the communication and bring awareness to the couple.

Relationships are hard at times. We get lost in the argument and forget what the topic or issue is. Couples must be both willing to work on themselves individually as well as together. You can bring the flow, ease and love back to the relationship or marriage. Maybe you both agree to go your separate ways. Let's work as a team to help make it peaceful and kind. Bring this awareness to your marriage and make a conscious decision which way to go. No matter what you and your partner decide, it can be done in an amicable and healthy way.

Families grow and change over time. They feel as if they are caught in the same destructive patterns day in and day out. Our work with family counseling includes looking at the family as a whole and observing the dynamics involved. We can provide the family the insight and understanding which will allow them to regain order and balance. Relationships and marriages are challenging at times.

Divorce Support and Counseling

Communication and listening becomes heavy and we need help navigating through the difficult challenges. We often find each other blaming and accusing one another. It turns into the "Right and Wrong" game quickly. Hurtful remarks are made and it feels as if your partner has become a stranger. Anger and resentment lead to hurtful remarks.

Understanding a Father’s Parental Rights in Florida

Learn how to get past personalizing what others think and see life and your relationship accurately without the expectations and assumptions you were conditioned so strongly to believe. Premarital Counseling is also a service that is a huge success when working to fully understand your partner and the dynamics of the relationship as well as yourself before entering into marriage. Our team brings together a collaborative and dynamic method that is evidence based and effective. Watch your relationship heal and create a lasting and stronger connection than ever before. The messages they receive from the media and society are constant and confusing.

Very rarely is a teen willing or happy to attend therapy. They do not have the skill set to verbalize the multitude of emotions they feel. Creating a sense of who they are. Increased self awareness and self esteem is key. We work with teens to help build a bridge when it comes to communicating their needs.

GroundWork Counseling

Talk therapy is not always effective when working with teens. We integrate art therapy as a vital tool for reaching our youth. Child Counseling Orlando involves the therapist in a more delicate dance and needs to be handled gently. Children communicate in a much different way than teens. The driving factor behind child support, income levels aside, would be how much time each parent is spending with the children. When considering timesharing, the important factor is the number of overnights that you spend with your children each year.

How Reunification Counseling Can Restore Relationships With Children

In general, the more overnights that a parent exercises with a child, the less they will pay in child support. If, however, one parent makes more money than the other, or if one parent spends more overnights with the children than the other, then in most cases the parent making more money, or spending less time with the children, will end up paying child support.

I mention this only as a preliminary warning that if a parent is relying on child support to cover all of their monthly costs for the children, then they may be sadly disappointed when the reality of the actual payments hits home. In my last blog, What is Reunification Counseling? In this blog, I will talk about some of the ways this type of counseling becomes necessary in the first place.

As we learned, one parent can intentionally, or unintentionally, behave in ways that alienate the other parent from the child. Parental alienation is a very serious concern for many divorcing and separating parents, so this blog aims to give you a better understanding of what parental alienation is and how to recognize it. When it comes to spending time with the child, many times, the alienating parent will justify their behavior by telling the other parent that the child does not want to see them, something that will inevitably become a self-fulfilling prophecy if it is not addressed in a timely manner.

Parents must try to always remember that they are the parent, alienated or not, and they must remain in control of making timesharing decisions. In reality, up until the time a child enters high school, and ideally after they become teenagers, parents should still be able to determine timesharing issues on behalf of the child, while not permitting the child to dictate timesharing terms and conditions. Parental alienation behavior can also be seen when one parent does not fully engage in co-parenting or when a child is regularly questioned about the personal life of the other parent.

This type of behavior burdens the child with making difficult decisions, resulting in moral dilemmas within the child. This type of behavior is employed as a defense mechanism by the alienating parent as a way to curry favor with the child in an effort to further justify the alienation of the other parent, but the truth is, prompting this type of discussion with and providing this type of information to a child can be very destructive emotionally and psychologically.

Proving a Parent is Unfit in a Child Custody Case

The latter example can be extremely detrimental to the child because it forces the child to choose between parents, something that no child should have to do. Typically, as a result of these alienating behaviors, a physical, emotional, and many times psychological divide is created between the alienated parent and the child, and this is where reunification counseling may come in as an effective tool in helping to restore lost or damaged bonds.

In these situations, a child psychologist or counselor would be required to assist the child and parent in redeveloping their relationship. Such a counselor may believe that reunification counseling could be beneficial to help restore the relationship between the parent and child. Going through a divorce can be an emotionally draining experience. Unfortunately, however, the emotional toll of a divorce can sometimes pale in comparison to the financial havoc that a divorce can wreck on your life.

source url If you hire an attorney for your divorce, which any litigant should do if there is something at issue that you care about, whether that is your children, or your finances, then the costs of litigating a divorce can spiral out of control if you go in blindly. When going through a divorce, there are some basic rules of thumb that can assist you in keeping your head clear and your costs in check.

In this blog, I try to break those down for you.

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The biggest mistake some people make when going through their divorce is sticking to their preconceived notions of how the case should turn out. Since each situation is truly unique, it becomes important to keep an open mind about different ways in which you might be able to resolve your case that you may not have considered before. Being flexible and reasonable will contribute to you saving money in the long run, so try not to remain fixated on predetermined outcomes.

Divorces lead to a whirlwind of emotions, running the gamut from sad and depressed, to angry and eventually, hopefully, to a feeling of peacefulness. Getting to that level, however, can be challenging, particularly where the wounds from the relationship are still fresh. The more you can try to check your emotions, and think with your head, as opposed to your heart, the more likely you will be able to come a reasonable resolution on your divorce.

Divorce cases are document heavy, particularly when support is at issue, or when assets and liabilities must be divided, so throughout the course of your case, you will be required to provide a treasure trove of financial documents to your attorney. The best way to save yourself time and money is to respond to your attorney, timely provide all requested documents, and keep current on all outstanding deadlines.

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