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Have you done the necessary to ensure your website's origin IP is not exposed? Protecting the real IP address of a website is essential to.

PFC combines an old-fashioned concern for quality with cutting edge technology to provide comprehensive and accurate background checks. PFC offers several options for employers who just need a single background check on an applicant or employee. Employers who will regularly be ordering background investigations should contact us at toll free This is our benchmark criminal background investigation.

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This investigation will miss criminal cases prosecuted in the federal courts bank robbery, interstate drug crimes, child pornography, human trafficking, insurance fraud, etc. This investigation will miss criminal cases prosecuted in the federal courts bank robbery, interstate drug crimes, insurance fraud, etc.

This investigation is just as likely to miss a serious felony record e. Our customers who outsource this service to InCheck love how this is instantly off their desk, freeing up time for other priorities. Clients say the data they receive is more detailed when collected by a third party. The I-9 process has come a long way over the years. Although there is still no substitute for in-person involvement, there is now a way to manage the majority of this process electronically. We can ensure all forms are consistently completed correctly throughout the company, and proactively prepare you for I-9 audits.

When you make an adverse hiring decision based in whole or in part on information obtained from InCheck, we can help administer the FCRA-required process for a small, per-letter fee. If you prefer to manage this process, all customers also have access to FREE, pre-populated smart-form letters designed to save you time. One click of the button will generate all of the required documents.

Looking for a way to reduce the number of forms in your employment application?

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Believe that emailing these forms to candidates especially remote ones would save you time and improve your candidate experience and employment brand? Our process is secure, powerful, efficient and easy to use. Our background screening technology platform is currently connected with several of the top applicant tracking systems in the industry.

Like everything else we do, ATS integrations are completely customizable. The key is building an integration that matches your workflow. We will work with you and your ATS provider to get it done right. InCheck assists in managing random drug test programs nationwide.

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We can take this entire process of your desk, saving you a tremendous amount of time and resources. In the majority of instances, we will be able to coordinate all screening online through web registration, eliminating unnecessary paperwork! Allowing us to schedule and coordinate drug testing with your applicants will be a big time saver for you! InCheck will create a network for this purpose, covering every shift you need. Are you sensing a theme? We are fully capable!!

There are no limits to our ability to provide comprehensive drug testing and occupational health solutions. We can coordinate DOT physicals, company-specific physicals, pulmonary function testing, and more! We just need to know your protocols and any position-specific requirements. Set up the process with us and then watch it work.

Records are updated monthly. Contact InCheck to enroll today! It also indicates whether a potential employee holds a commercial license in another state and identifies if and where additional MVRs should be requested. It monitors each driver on a daily, weekly or monthly basis state dependent , and sends email notifications regarding changes in the status of the license.

Our Background Check Services

This system allows for batch uploads and easy removal of inactive drivers. Contact InCheck to setup an account and review workflow options today! This product will monitor exclusion and sanctions lists and licensing databases to inform you of any adverse activity.

Customize your settings for daily or weekly alerts and have peace of mind knowing you are doing everything possible to create a safe work environment. Most government agencies have links to business opportunities for potential vendors; subscribe to regular announcements from agencies seeking background investigators. While some agencies require business license information, others permit individuals to register for business opportunities and requests for proposals. Join professional associations for investigators and attend networking events.

Interact with other investigators for possible job leads and career opportunities.

Read trade journals and news articles about background investigation careers or ask an experienced investigator to be your mentor. This builds credibility and exposure which are key to finding employment in a close-knit field. Evaluate software applications and subscribe to relevant databases that improve your ability to access data not available to the general public. Examine trial versions of applications marketed to background investigators; ask about referrals and testimonials about usefulness of these applications.

Ask your current employer if there are opportunities within the company for background investigators.


Pre-Employment Background Checks, Drug Tests, & Screening Services

If you feel comfortable sharing your career goals with a human resources staff member, she may be your most valuable resource, since employers routinely hire background investigators or engage the services of companies providing investigation services. Due to potential conflicts of interest, you may not be offered an opportunity to work on current investigations for your employer. However, your employer can certainly provide you with contacts and information that will help in your search.

Your employer may be able to provide you with guidance related to configuration of home office equipment and network security. Bureau of Labor Statistics.