IP-based geolocation is a technique used to estimate the real-world geographic location of a device through which you are connected to the Internet based on its IP address. This mechanism only works if the IP address of the device appears in a database along with its corresponding location.

How they know where we are.

Examples of the level of detail that can be registered in the database include the postal address, city, country, region or geographic coordinates of the location where an IP address is being used. The information obtained through by the whois system is the information each organization provides in the service agreement they sign when receiving resources from LACNIC. This means that the city and country obtained through the whois system might not match the actual location where the numbering resources are being used.

In addition to the whois information, there are many commercial providers of geolocation databases. Pairing of IP address to a geographical location is called geolocation.


How do I determine the physical location of an IP address?

There are times when you need to identify where your web visitors are coming from. You might have an ecommerce website, and would like to know where your potential customers are, pre-populate country code on forms, display different language and reduce credit card fraud based on geographic location.

Using the GeoIP2 .NET API

Or, you might want to fight against illegal spammers and hackers, and would like to locate source of a problem. Although it would be nice to be able to find precise location of a visitor, it is almost impossible to find exact location of a host given its IP address. However, IP Geo Location help identify approximate location of the host.

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IP Location Finder - IP Lookup With Detailed Geolocation Data | KeyCDN Tools

Learn more. IP Geo Location.

Wish list. See System Requirements. This as the output on my console:.

Top 10 Best IP Geolocation APIs

Drawbacks: Although the country given by most IP lookup services is almost always accurate, the coordinates are not always accurate. According to google, reverse geocoding is the process of converting geographic coordinates into a human-readable addresses.

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All we need is an api key. Follow the steps to get one here. You can play around with the object to get the desired address in the format you like best. Putting it all together, we have the below code.

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