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For example, lists of names, addresses, and email addresses cannot be disclosed for commercial or political purposes.

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The records covered under the Act include records from all public entities, including the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, subject to various exemptions. The records that are exempt include:.

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Background checks in the state of Indiana are performed through the Indiana State Police. A Limited Criminal History report can be requested on anyone by anyone through the online system for a fee.

This will produce a report that will return a list of convictions over a year old and arrests less than a year old. If the request is for licensing or a government position, the background check will be handled through that agency and will be more thorough fingerprint-based check. Employers wishing to request a criminal background check must get a signed authorization form from the applicant before obtaining one of these reports.

To locate an offender, you can search on their website with either an Offender Number or just a First and Last Name. Information on courts in Indiana can be obtained through the administrator of the courts website.

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Hendricks County Dispatch. Town Council. Report an Issue.

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  6. Pay Bills. Read on The Town of Plainfield is now considering the recommendation to construct a new government center in conjunction with adding a new performing and fine arts center.

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    A multi-level parking structure will be the first public piece to the Downtown Redevelopment Plan. Sodalis Nature Park features over 3. To find contact information for local law enforcement, see mylocal.

    You may search mycase. The site does not include records for all courts in Indiana, and how far back the records go varies by county.

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    These are records maintained by the county in which the property is located and may be available from the County Auditor, County Treasurer, or County Assessor. To find contact information for county offices, see mylocal. Wills are not usually available online, but may be available in the clerk's office if the will was filed. To request a certified copy of a will or other estate document, contact the clerk's office in the county where the case is heard.


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    Generally, you may request court records and documents from the clerk's office in the county where the case was heard. You may request a transcript for a specific hearing or trial from the court reporter. Contact the court or clerk's office to request these documents. You may also search mycase.