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Application Requirements. Both parties must complete and sign the marriage application form.

If either party has been divorced, he or she must recite the date the divorce was finalized, city and state divorce took place, and the type of court. A divorce decree is not required at the time of completing the marriage application.

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A couple already married, who wish to renew their marriage vows, may obtain a license by stating that they are married to each other. Applicants for a marriage license need not be Colorado residents. On-line Marriage Application. Couples may solemnize their own marriage C.

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Others who can solemnize a marriage are judges, retired judges, magistrates, and public officials authorized to perform marriages civil ceremony. Or, the marriage may be solemnized in accordance with any mode of solemnization recognized by a religious denomination or Indian Tribe or Nation religious ceremony. Only authorized individuals may solemnize a marriage.

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Although the couple may solemnize their own marriage, a friend or relative may not solemnize the marriage unless they are authorized to perform marriages. Clergy need not be registered in Colorado.

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For a list of judges who perform marriages you may access the 4th Judicial District Court website. Marriage Copies. Name Change. Your marriage license must be returned and recorded before one of the parties can make any name changes. A: No, a notary public can only witness the signing of the documents, not assist or prepare any documents.

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To assist or prepare documents would be an unlawful practice of law. In addition, a notary may not notarize a document in which he or she has a financial interest. A: State laws may vary, but in general, no.

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For vital records documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates, the requestor should visit the local agency that holds these documents, such as a local county clerk. There are some limited instances when a notary may certify a copy, but it is best to check with the notary of your state.

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