Speed Bump prefab v1. FS 19 Maps 1. Once the file has downloaded unzip it to get the maps zip and a small readme text file. Giants Island v1. My little valley v2. Old Timers farm v1. August 12, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Do you need help or to say thanks for mod author? Follow FS19 News. This needs A LOT of work. Weeks, maybe months. This is Shop gate doesn't open. Nice combine, but i found some bugs! FS19 v1.

GTA 4 - Stevie's Car Thefts [You Got The Message Achievement / Trophy] (1080p)

Entourage Dining Out Liquidize the Assets. Categories :. Francis International Airport, Dukes. Algonquin-Dukes Expressway. Top floor of the airport car park. Rooftop of the multistory parking lot, Francis International Airport , Dukes. Industrial District. Westdyke Memorial Hospital. Burger Shot and the large parking lot at front.

Fenton Forest 4x Small update 2 By Stevie FS19

Golden Pier parking lot, Westminster , Algonquin. Suffolk church by "A fuckin' priest".

Carrollton Street and Saratoga Avenue. Huntley Sport.

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LCPD station. Downtown Broker. Montauk Avenue and Earp Street. Parking lot just north of the water treatment plant in Charge Island. NRG Bismarck Avenue and Topaz Street. In front of a glass clad tower connected to another tower via a skyway , South Parkway , The Exchange , Algonquin. PMP Liberty State Delivery by the docks. Fanny Crab's , Grand Easton station. Sabre GT.


Samsara - Vehicle IoT Gateway - | Stevie Awards

On the driveway of a house at Aspdin Drive , Berchem , Alderney. Roman Bellic. Part 1.

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Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Logging On. Cerveza Heights Garage - Just as you arrive, the vehicle pulls out, you can block it off with a vehicle or gun down the driver. I found it a lot easier to block him off, but if you can't he will drive a little bit and get out to fill up, jack it then and head to Brucie's to score here. Around Meadows Park - This vehicle will be driving around here and you will have to follow it till you can either shoot the driver or take him off of it if its a bike.

Otherwise its relatively simple and its off to Brucie's to score for this one. Chase Point - All the way up in Chase Point a guy is talking with a hooker, just walk up to it and jack it, he may fire some shots at you, but it should be relatively easy with only one guy. This is the last of your Imports for Brucie. Stevie will text you with a description and type of a car and generally where it is located.

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Instead of killing yourself opening every one of that type of car in the area, use this map to figure out where they are and save yourself some time. Each successful delivery of a car to the garage to the East of your safehouse in Bohan gives you cash and Stevie will give you the next vehicle to target a few game hours later.

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  • Each car's value is based on its condition, so you want them in pristine shape for maximum income. This mission strand opens after you complete both Brucie's mission "No. The vehicles are in a random order, but always in the location on the map. When you receive the message from Stevie it will have a picture of it, if you aren't familiar with it, but you can also just look at the picture given here.