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Have you done the necessary to ensure your website's origin IP is not exposed? Protecting the real IP address of a website is essential to.

For example my photostream URL is:. You can also show specific Flickr galleries in your Andromo app. The easiest way to get your gallery's feed URL is to visit your gallery in your web browser and find the feed link in the bottom left of the page:. Clicking on the link should open the feed URL in your web browser, and from there you can copy the URL and paste it into your Flickr activity. You can also search for images in the public Flickr feed using tags.

Create your own personalized Flickr URL

For example I'm going to create a search for Flickr photos that have been tagged with beer. Now let's say I also wanted to search for Belgian beers, I might try something like the following:. Adding an extra layer of security.

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This way, we can get you back into your account quickly if you ever forget your login information or get locked out of your Flickr account. Our focus is, and will continue to be, keeping your photos safe and your account as secure as ever. Thanks for your patience as we continue working on the new Flickr login. We are very proud of the The Flickr Commons photos uploaded by galleries, libraries, archives, museums, and governmental institutions.

I was quite late to popular chat app Telegram. By the time I got there, edent was already taken. I sent the owner a few messages to see if they'd relinquish it - but they didn't reply. Telegram's dispute resolution programme is a bit simple:. If your desired username is already taken, we will be happy to help you acquire it for your account or channel, provided that you have that same username on at least two of these services: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

I already had Facebook and Twitter - and I proved that to Telegram - so they released the name. Again, I feel slightly bad about taking a username from someone.

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It's a policy that many people have complained about. Another completely dormant account. They'd posted no content. I dropped an email to support, and showed that I was edent on other services.


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Their reply was pretty brutal:. In line with our Inactive URL policy I have reached out to the current owner of and given them 48 hours notice to become active on the account.

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If no activity takes place within this period then we will be happy to transfer the URL. I suspect they could see that no one had logged into the account for many years. To assuage my guilt, I waited for a week before prompting SoundCloud to transfer the account. For some reason, Google didn't like the name edent. Google's name policies are deeply weird. I'd amassed a thousand or so YouTube subscribers, which unlocked the "creator" channel.

So after a few frustrating emails, I was able to get youtube.

Extract URL for the pictures in Flickr's public album via python

Ko-Fi is sort of like Patreon - people can send you money for the work you create. In order to get a short name, you have to be a premium user. I had a chat with the people who run the site and - because I'm such a social-media-superstar! I told him that I had no rights to force him to give it up, and it was just a friendly request. He uses it quite actively, and quite reasonably didn't want to change it. I can't complain about that! LinkedIn don't have a username dispute process that I could find. If a user releases their username, you can't claim it straight away.

If a member uses a URL and then changes it, that URL will be unavailable for use by yourself and other members for six months. I'm sure if you're a big brand or celebrity, you can contact LinkedIn and grab the name you want. Insta doesn't let you swap names, as far as I can find. But it will let you claim a name if someone is impersonating you.

Please attach a clear photo of yourself holding an accepted form of ID.