hawaii loses obama birth certificate

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That is when I made my mind to write a blog once I obtain BC for my baby.

New Born birth registration will be done by the Hospital where you deliver the baby. Parents must submit ID proof and complete the application which will be provided by hospital and submit it in the hospital. This BC will not have baby name since the baby name would have not been kept till now. All the birth will be initially registered only with Parents Name.

If you cannot find the BC online after search , check your hospital and enquire if they have registered it and confirm.

How to Apply For Birth Certificate In India (Online or Offline ) ?

Once you see the registered Birth of your baby in the site, download the online BC and print it. Chennai corporation has 15 zonal offices and identify the zone office under which the hospital of delivery falls. This will be conveyed to you by the maternity hospital where you delivered.

At the zonal corporation office. Ethical Way 1.

The representative will provide you with a form to fill. This is the form in which you must provide Baby name and undertaking that you would not change the baby name in future. You have to fill the name in English though the form is in Tamil.

No fees If the period is beyond a month of birth then a fee of Rs. Good Luck.

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Back to birth certificates. To request a correction or change to a birth certificate, you must submit the following:. To change given name on a birth certificate of a person younger than 1 year , send a completed and signed birth certificate correction form as outlined above.


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The following documents are not compulsory when registering a birth. However, it may be useful to take them with you:. If your child is born on Dutch territory you must register the birth in the municipality in which the child leaves the vehicle or aircraft, or where the ship berths. It is compulsory to register the birth of a stillborn child.

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This applies if the child was born after 24 or more weeks of pregnancy. A death certificate will be issued for the child.